Yokine Community Playgroup

Venue Hire Terms & Conditions



Conditions of Hire

Included here is a copy of the Conditions of Hire for your review and acceptance.  Please read the Conditions of Hire carefully to ensure your booking needs are met and that your party runs smoothly.  If you are satisfied with these Conditions of Hire, please click the Acceptance of Terms & Conditions where indicated.


Booking Fee and Cancellation

A Booking Fee of $150 together with a Bond of $250, ($400 total) must be paid at the time of booking.  


Payment in full is required at time of booking.


Please make sure to provide your bank details with the Acceptance of Terms and Conditions so that your bond can be refunded. Also note that due to the fact we require two committee members to make a payment within our banking system, the bond can take up to ten days to be refunded. Please be patient during this time. If there are any issues with the centre that concern your bond you will be contacted 2-3 days after your party. If you receive no contact, assume your bond is on its way back to your account.


If you wish to cancel your booking please advise ASAP. If you have already made the payment, we reserve the right to deduct 10% of the booking fee as a cancellation fee. This only applies to the booking fee and not the bond.


Access to Premises

Contact will be made via email a few days prior to your party regarding arrangements for the key. The premises can NOT be hired for evening or night-time parties and must be cleaned and vacated before 8 pm.

Note regarding Premises

Our playgroup is a community-run enterprise, used primarily by our members as a weekday playgroup.  Please ensure that you respect the venue as such.  If you are interested in joining our playgroup, please contact our enrolments officer at ycpgenrolments@hotmail.com.


Use of the Venue


Non-members are eligible to hire the Venue under this contract.


Entitlement to Use of the Venue

The Committee has approved a ‘one function per day’ policy, which will give the person who has booked the Venue the following entitlements:


  • freedom to choose whether the Venue is to be used in the morning, noon or afternoon, but not the evening.


  • time to decorate;


  • time to clean up; and less pressure to leave by a particular time (however, the venue must be vacated by 8 pm).


Key Collection

Contact will be made via email a few days prior to your party regarding arrangements for the key. 




Please ensure that no decorations are hung from fans or any other dangerous positions.  For maintenance purposes, no sticky-tape or blue-tack is to be used on windows.  Please ensure that all decorations (including any sticky-tape) are fully removed before departing.  A step ladder is kept in the craft room for use if needed. If decorating with balloons, please make sure that these are collected prior to leaving the premises. No water balloons are allowed. Balloons are a hazard to those that frequent the centre. Please also ensure that you check the sandpit prior to leaving for any rubbish that may have been left behind.


Refund of Bond Monies

The bond monies will be refunded to the member who has booked the Venue subject to all Conditions of Hire as specified herein being met and the Venue having been checked by the Bookings Officer to ensure it has been left in a satisfactory manner.  Please include your banking details where indicated on the booking form. 

(Click here to view our bond refund checklist)


Provision and/or Consumption of Alcohol at the Venue

Small quantities of alcohol may be consumed at the party hirer’s own risk.  Alcohol must not be provided to minors or sold in any way.  Alcohol consumption is only allowed in small quantities as reasonable in the context of a children’s party.



The Venue must be thoroughly cleaned and tidied - floors vacuumed and mopped and toys returned to their original places.  Please check that no food scraps have been left amongst the toys and equipment including in the outdoor play area (a favourite is, cake out in the cubby house). The sandpit should also be checked. 


All party rubbish is to be removed from the Venue as the bins end up overflowing. All decorations must also be taken down.


Before Leaving the Venue

Before leaving the Venue the following must be checked:


  • all appliances to ensure they are off including the stove, microwave and, stereo;


  • the Reverse Cycle Air-conditioning to ensure it is off;


  • all lights to ensure they are turned off;


  • the shed door to ensure it is securely closed and padlocked.


  • the Alarm to ensure it is activated.  Please note, the shed is also armed; ensure it is securely closed before arming the alarm on departure.



Yokine Community Playgroup is a non-smoking venue due to the danger of passive smoking to small children and the toxicity of cigarette butts. 



Yokine Community Playgroup is a nut-free venue.  Please ensure that all food (whether for adults or children) is free of any nut product.

Serving Alcohol

Consuming or serving alcohol at the Venue and acknowledge that Yokine Community Playgroup Inc will not be liable for any INJURY, LOSS OR DAMAGE that may occur as a result.

Acceptance of Terms & Conditions

The person who has booked the Venue is responsible and must abide by these terms & conditions.